December 4th, 2007


Foamin' Furry

One of the reasons why I love to go back to Chicago is that it is the nation's rail hub. I was born and raised 2 blocks from the Cicero Yard which was a major classification yard for the Burlington Northern in it's day and is now a major intermodal facility for the BNSF. 2 blocks in the other direction was a small yard for the Illinois Central now the Canadian National. I spent many hours as a boy watching trains (and once getting picked up by the railroad police). So when I go home I like to spend some times along the "Chicago Racetrack" which is the BNSF mainline heading west from Chicago. Over my last MFF/Thanksgiving trip to Chicago I was able to do a little trainspotting while Kitty went for her workout at a local gym. Her gym was about 1/2 mile from the Racetrack and was right next to the CN line to Dubuque, IA. So I shot some pics during the days when it wasn't raining and there was adequate sunlight. On the way home we stopped in Litchfield, IL for lunch. There were a couple of engines parked on a siding, so I took a few pics there as well. I personally prefer the shortlines and industrial railroads. They tend to have more of the "classic" old diesels. The mainline railroads like the BNSF Transcon just south of ABQ tend to have endless strings of high horsepower Dash-9's. I'm just a sucker for old Geeps, Alcos, and early SD units.

SD40-2W CN 5250 leads an eastbound manifest freight at Harlem Ave and 26th St in N. Riverside.

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