December 9th, 2007


Dee Dee Dee!

So last night Kitty and I went to see Carlos Mencia at one of the local Indian Casinos. Holy crap! The Route 66 Casino showroom was huge! Unfortunately we had seats in the 2nd to last row, but there were 2 huge monitors to show close-ups of the stage. Overall the concert was just ok. Of course it was much more filthy than his "Mind of Mencia" show on Comedy Central which in a way bothered me. It shouldn't be that if you took every "shit" and "fuck" out of a comedy skit you would end up with 50% less material.

He scored some comedy hits comparing Arabs to Mexicans when he went to perform for the troops in Iraq. I also enjoyed his explanation of "Dee dee dee!" which he uses to describe stupid people (It's "Duh!" times 3!). His gay jokes fell pretty flat with the over-use of "fag." His support of Michael Vick simply pissed me off, but then again, that's his comedy style. I have to give him credit for taking on anyone and everyone. It started to get a little old, however, like an Internet troll who says stuff simply to piss you off.

He had 4 opening comedians which ranged from horrible (his brother) to pretty damn funny. As I said, I wasn't expecting such a huge venue. And it was a sold out show! So all-in-all I think he should stick to his t.v. gig. He's a lot funnier there.

Oh, I should mention that he did briefly bring up the whole "he's not a real Mexican" thing that has been floating around and simply dismissed it as a bunch of crap. I also should mention that I was a bit turned off by his rampant commercialism. When we walked in we were surprised to see him just inside the entranceway posing for pics and signing autographs. Then Kitty noticed that it was $20 for the privilege. Bleh. I had much better experiences seeing Margaret Cho before AC last year or Seinfeld when he played ABQ a couple of years ago.
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