December 22nd, 2007



I had thought about doing a somewhat introspective post today, but it might have come across as somewhat angsty. I am in way too good of a mood to write something emo, so I thought I would just spam your F.L. with a couple of pics.

1st, I was sitting in the bedroom today when I heard the neighbor's dogs going nuts. I looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a coyote strolling by. He/she seemed to be in no hurry at all. I snapped a few pics out the window and then went out to let Mesa have a little fun. I let him out and he bounded up the hill to where the yote was. I didn't notice that there were 2 yotes up there, but it really didn't matter. Mesa and one of the yotes just sniffed each other like 2 dogs. After a few seconds, both got bored with each other and went their separate ways. I managed to sneak up on one of the yotes who was behind a rock nibbling on what appeared to be bits o' bunny. I got within about 10' of him/her before he/she noticed me. It then just sauntered off as if it were no big deal.

The 2nd pic is of the Sandia Mts. A snow storm blew through last night and dusted the mountain. It looked so pretty that I had to snag a pic.

And here you go! Pics! No cut because I want to kill your friends page! Mwaa haa haa!

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