December 28th, 2007


Act Your Age

This was the "serious" post I was going to make a few days ago. No, knaaks, this has nothing to do with you calling me "old." *lol*

In just over a week I will be interviewing for the promotion I mentioned earlier in LJ. It's not something I am overly thrilled with, but one always has to think about the future and such. I'm just wondering if my overall attitude about life and work will be a detriment to me since my boss, who will be making the selection, knows me very well. Will my wall o' bear comics and my fursuiting adventures work against me? Do I somehow come across as immature even at age 42? Therein lies the rub, however. I am having the time of my life at this stage in my life! I am happy to be free and be able to express who I am! If I have to sell that out to fully become "an adult," then maybe I don't want it! This is tough for me to say because I am always telling the youngins out there to always do their best and advance their careers, and here I am acting the same way. Oh, I could easily tone down the "bad boy" attitude I have, but then would I be happy being the "good boy." As I have mentioned before, when I find myself in a room full of mundanes like when Kitty and I did at a neighborhood association Christmas party last year, I started to break out in a cold sweat! I don't belong in a group of church-going, family-oriented, Republican, white bread people! I look around for folks in the office that like alternative rock and bad movies and I just don't see anyone else! Perhaps a "rebel" just doesn't belong in this type of environment, especially in management. I can be the "mad scientist type" in my current position, but would that translate into management? I guess I will just be myself, and if my talents are appreciated, then I'll get the promotion. If not, I can still do the job I do and enjoy it.
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