January 23rd, 2008


The Airborne Supremecy

Hi there! We're in room 452, right by the elevators. Come by and party!

Oh, and if you're healthy, I suggest you start taking lots of Airborne before you get to the con. I have some sort of cold which I gave to Kitty. I have read a lot of other folks are sick as well. People are calling it pre-con crud. So be aware and be prepared! I plan on killing as many germs as possible with lots of alcohol. *sips vodka and tonic*
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More Geek Shit

Hey! I'm drunk and yiffy in my hotel room! I should go down to the lobby and mingle, but hey! The friggin' con isn't even supposed to start for another day!

If you're using a GPS to get to the con, the coordinates are as follows:
37 22.2898 N
121 55.2531 W