February 13th, 2008


Atlanta Here I Come!

I'm here at DIA waiting for my flight to Atlanta. I got tagged in ABQ for secondary inspection by the TSA a.k.a. tards sucking ass. They had a field day with my backpack which had a dvd player, a GPS, and a digital camera. Stupid bitch left my GPS on *grumbles* I hope my critter coffin doesn't get messed with. I included fresh zip ties inside with a note to TSA to please re-seal, but I wouldn't put anything past these monkeys.

I normally don't post about dreams because they're boring in other peoples' LJs, so why should mine be any different. But it was one of those wonderfully realistic ones that you get sorely disappointed afterwards to find out it wasn't real. I dreamed that ABQ had a mild earthquake. It seemed so real, but I knew it was my subconscious messing with me. You see I had talked with my friend from Yuma earlier in the day. Over the past week they have experienced 3 magnitude 5 quakes in Mexico just 50 miles away. Damnit! I lived there for 6 years and only barely felt a 3 in CA about 60 miles away. I'm a geologist, damnit! I need to experience geologic disasters (preferably from a safe distance)! *snickers*
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At the Hotel

Room #815! Let's party!

The hotel is waaaaaaay too mundane! Furries, invade!

GPS coordinates:
33 37.4631N
84 27.0863W

And I do believe my room is overlooking the famous stairway where Tumbles was created last year.

Also, bring a coat! It's only 30 friggin degrees!

Time to go out for a beer.
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