March 17th, 2008


The 4 Seasons

In New Mexico there are 4 seasons; Summer, Fall, Winter, and Wind.

It seems like every year I write this same rant. I HATE WIND! We're not talking about a nice refreshing breeze. No. We're talking about winds that if this were Florida, it would be a tropical storm. But since this is the desert, every loose grain of sand becomes airborne and smacks you in the face at 40-50 MPH. Not only do you have to dodge tumbleweeds (some as big as small cars) rolling down the street, but you have to dodge garbage cans and lawn furniture as well. You also know where all of the gaps are in your windows and doors because little sand dunes start to form there. Add to all of this that the humidity is in the single digits, so your skin dries out like a mummy. Beware any little cut or scrape because you will start to bleed immediately. From a hydrologist's standpoint, it also makes me nervous as heck! Sublimation becomes a real concern. A few years ago we all watched in horror as the snowpack numbers started to plummet while there was no corresponding increase in stream flow.

The other day filmmakers could have re-made "Lawrence of Arabia" here without the use of special effects. The air was wonderful brown color and was so thick you could almost shovel it. Kitty runs for cover when the wind blows because I become a very grumpy bear. There just something about the wind here where it's like a constant betchslap to the face. It grates me like sandpaper. And there's nothing like finding sandstone boulder boogers in your nose. Gah!

In New Mexico the wind doesn't blow. It sucks! (100 points if anyone can tell me what movie used a similar tag line)
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