March 20th, 2008


Thursday Brain Dump

Mom is in town for an Easter weekend visit. Hopefully my sis and her hubby will show up on Saturday.

Mesa was a typical dog and found something disgusting to roll in. I'm not sure what it was. It was green and had the consistency of shit. It smelled, but not like shit. Perhaps it was a stray road apple that he found on the mesa. Anyways, it was disgusting to clean out of his fur and collar.

One of my favorite cd's to listen to on road trips is Frank Zappa's 3 cd release"Leather" (spelled in German.) One of the songs is "The Illinois Enema Bandit." It sounded like it described an actual incident. Thanks to the wonder of teh Interawebs, I was able to find out about the case. So here is the Wikipedia article. It looks like he was a fellow U of I alumni! How about that Quasi! There is a slight discrepancy between the facts and the Zappa song. Zappa makes it sound like the attacks were at Illinois State University and not at the U of I. *shrugs* On the one paw it's a pretty funny song. On the other paw it's like writing a jingle about Jeffery Dahlmer eating his victims. Then again, it's Zappa, so it's dripping with sarcasm.