March 31st, 2008


An Old Friend

I decided to fire up my old computer last night. I figured it could function as a picture storage backup if nothing else. Well...I don't think it would be that useful. You see it has a whopping huge 1 GB hard drive in it. *LOL* It's running Windows 98 and has something like 16MB of RAM.

I originally bought it in 1991 for about $2000 from the long defunct Discount Computer Paradise in City of Industry CA. It's pretty much a Frankenputer. About the only thing still original is the case and power supply. It was originally a 486 that was upgraded to a Pentium a few years later. When that motherboard crashed it was upgraded to something else. I can't remember if the original hard drive was 80 or 100 MB. It probably originally had 128K of RAM which was increased later. I learned a lesson on this computer that it was better to buy a whole new upgraded system as opposed to doing it piecemeal. Most of you are geeks that would disagree with that, but having experienced the joy of installing bits and pieces that were incompatible with older bits and pieces, I decided it was better to just use the computer until it was obsolete and then upgrade everything all at once. This is especially true now that prices have dropped so dramatically. So I'll keep the old dinosaur alive for a little while longer. Especially if I have a desire to whip out my old 5 1/4" disc that contains Llamatron.
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A Question For McCain

Tonight I was listening to the news and heard the media laud praise on McCain for his "personal history tour" or whatever the hell he is calling his tour across the country. He made his usual comment about how it would be a terrible tragedy for us to pull out of Iraq now instead of later. The story also pandered to the fact that he was a POW during the Vietnam War. All of a sudden it hit me. The perfect question to ask him. See if you agree.

Senator McCain, you spent five and a half years as a POW in Vietnam enduring a great deal of torture. Here we are 30 years after the war, where if we did not stop Communism RIGHT HERE AND NOW, America would forever live under a Red threat, and we now have normal diplomatic relations with Vietnam. You were freed because the US decided to pull out with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. The treaty essentially declared a stalemate. The US DID NOT stop communism in Vietnam at the time. So, knowing what we know now, would you have preferred to stay a POW for, say, 2 more years, with, say, 10,000 more US dead, with total US victory, or would you have rather that we signed the treaty, Vietnam remained communist, but you and all of our boys were safe back home?

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