April 1st, 2008


Job Get!

Well this certainly was a nice surprise! I interviewed for the Sacramento job yesterday and thought I did pretty well. I was kicking back with a Diet Coke when the phone rings. It was a person from the Bureau of Land Management offering me a job. Huh? It took awhile for it to click, but it was for a hydrologist position I had applied for almost a year ago. They had been under a hiring freeze and were now able to fill the position. Since it would be a promotion, I decided to accept.

The job is in Minot, North Dakota which is a bit remote, but it's less than an hour from Canada. The Winters up there will be a bit brutal, but heck, I'm from Chicago so I can survive those -30 days. Kitty should be quite the celebrity. She will probably be the only Asian in the town. Heck! Probably the county! I did a search on the Internet Furry Proximity Locator and found 4 furs in the area! So it looks like I can be the social director of the ND furs.

So Kitty and I will be busy over the next few weeks cleaning up the house and getting it ready for sale. I'm gonna miss all of the great NM furs, but I must follow my dreams. I'll definitely be looking forward to all of the great hiking and outdoor activities ND has to offer.