April 10th, 2008


A Few Pics

I'm finally getting a little caught up with LJ stuff. I didn't even make a post about the visit from jugularjaguar over the weekend. He showed up on Sunday for a fursuiting gig up in Santa Fe on Monday. I agreed to be his handler. The event was the issue of the NM state quarter. He would be performing as Bill the Buffalo for the US Mint. I figured it would be good practice to be a handler since I'm always the suiter. I know what I like in a handler so I thought I would put that to the test. We had a fun time running around the capital. The event was extremely crowded and it was a pain in the rear guiding him around. At one point we made it to the governor's office and tried to arrange a photo op. It didn't really work out, so we never got to meet Bill Richardson. At one point we encountered a group of 20-40 school kids. They literally stormed the poor buffalo. I took pics while he was mugged for hugs. *LOL* It truly was funny. His take on the event can be found in his LJ.

I was asked for a pic of Wolf Creek Pass, so I will post a couple today.

That's pretty much it. The drive back from Alamosa was pretty uneventful except for all of the rain and snow. It was nice to see some precip after a month of bone-dry conditions.

We didn't get to meet the governor, so we had to pose with a pic of him instead. Bill, meet Bill!

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