May 18th, 2008


Mesa Discovery Day

I actually thought that it was today, but looking back in my LJ entries, it looks like it's actually tomorrow. *shrugs*

One year ago tomorrow I went for a walk up on the mesa like I had done for years before. Anubis was already getting too feeble to make the walk, so he stayed at home. It was a gorgeous Spring day with warm temperatures, much like it is now. I heard a bark and decided to investigate. I found a large puppy huddled by some mattresses. I managed to coax him to follow me home, and he has been a member of the family ever since. Over the year he has been destructo-puppy with things like flower pots. He most recently decided to chew up our comforter. But he's such a sweetheart! We love him so! We think he is part Rhodesian ridgeback and part German shepherd. From everything we have read about ridgebacks, his personality fits the descriptions to a T. I learned a valuable lesson from raising Anubis and have trained Mesa with a much less authoritarian manner. The experts say that that type of training/discipline just won't work. They have been right! The more gentle approach seems to have worked out quite well.

It has been a very interesting year, but I wouldn't have changed anything. I'm so glad we adopted him. He has brought great joy to our lives. Here's to many more years together!

THEN (45 lbs of puppy):
NOW (75 lbs of love):