May 30th, 2008


Memorial Week Wrap-Up

I had a little (and expensive!) car problem this week. Coming back from RMFC I noticed it was getting more and more difficult to open the driver's side door. Finally it just wouldn't open. I took it in to the shop and even they had a hell of a time getting the thing fixed. The door panel had to be removed from the inside with the door closed, and I have bucket seats with a large arm-rest in the middle. The mechanic definitely got a yoga lesson (which I paid for).

I had an eye exam yesterday. I hadn't had one since I had LASIK 10 years ago. Everything checked out fine although I'm around 20/30-20/40. Like Kitty I have monovision meaning one eye is better for distance and one is better for reading. I could get glasses for driving to help, but I'm borderline. Maybe in a year or 2. The only bad thing was that they dilated my pupil so I spent half the day looking like a friggin' anime character.

In addition to the eye exam, I also had a job interview with our office up in Carson City, NV. The vibe I got from the interview is that they really liked me. I guess I'll find out next week if I'm still in the running because they'll be holding another set of interviews after that. That's kinda weird because usually there is only one big interview. *shrugs* If they want to pay my way up there for an interview, who am I to say no? What would make this job cool is that one of my "reservoirs" would be Lake Tahoe. Oh yeah! I sense the need to take lots of field trips! *grins*

I did a bonehead thing at RMFC. As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, Kitty and I took a LOT of pics at the con. After I downloaded them from the camera on a given day, I deleted them from the camera. To make doubly sure that the pics were safe, I backed them up on a memory stick. Well, somehow I deleted all of the pics from the bear shoot I did with yippee and gilmorelion. Fortunately there is a lot of software out there for data recovery. I was able to save all of the pics that had been deleted. So here are a few! I'll be emailing the whole bunch to Gilmore this weekend.

Worshiping the Big Blue Bear

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Have a great weekend, everyone!