June 4th, 2008


SoCal Picnic is a go!

Used up my Amtrak bonus points and bought 2 roundtrip tics for Kitty and me to LA. We'll be arriving on Saturday morning the 21st just in time for the annual SoCal picnic. This is a special event since this is where I proposed to Kitty back in 2005 (What was I thinking?!? *lol*) Hopefully albear and dexter_fox will be our hosts again. If not, it will be a long walk from Union Station to Orange County. We have no plans as of yet for Sunday, but I'm sure we'll be doing something fun.

In other news my boss pulled an ultimate tard moment yesterday. We were scheduled to go up to a meeting about an hour and a half to the north. I was supposed to present an accounting of last year's water as well as make a prediction for this year. I waited and waited for him to collect me and go. Finally I got fed up and drove myself up to the meeting. It turns out he completely forgot about the meeting even though we talked about it just a few hours earlier. *facepaws* The good news was that the meeting went very well. Normally this meeting is like eating broken glass. It just sucked to drive 3 hours for an hourlong meeting.

Off to wash Nevada and Sabot during lunch hour. Nevada has to be "fursuit fresh" for his appearance in the Pride Parade next weekend. I think he will be sporting his Hawaiian shirt and leis. Because as Homer says, "Only 2 types of guys wear Hawaiian shirts: Gay guys and big fat party animals." I'm a little from column A and a little from column B.