June 7th, 2008


Pix or it Didn't Happen

I should apologize for yesterday's post. I realize that it was full of fail to not post a pic of the new suit I was gushing about. The only bad part was that Kitty was working late and there was no way to get pics. I was just so excited about the new suit that I just HAD to post about it. So for all of the folks that commented that I needed to post pics...

What was funny about getting into the suit today was that I had a moment that reminded me of something that had happened during one of my first fursuiting gigs back in 2003. The day was very hot and I stopped seeing myself as a person in a suit. I became the suit! This suit is extremely hot. When the pic was taken the outside thermometer read 96. I was sweating profusely but after a minute or two I completely ignored that fact and just started performing.

I definitely need to head over to Wildlife West and spend some time with Koshari the bear to study his mannerisms. It will be a tough suit to perform in, in terms of heat and sweat management as well as overall breatheability, but if I get into a black bear mindset, those issues will disappear.