June 10th, 2008


Hillbilly Career

Of course my mind has been in turmoil over the past few days about my upcoming interview for a new position. There is a constant battle going on in my head as I weigh the pros and cons. The big battle is always, stay and become an expert or leave and gain new skills. One of the major pros is the ability to start fresh with a clean slate. I like to think of this in terms of hillbillies and a mobile home. You fill the place up with trash until it becomes unlivable. You then abandon the house and roll in a new one.

Every office has crap that must be dealt with at some time. If you go to a new office, however, the crap seems fresher. Perhaps it's just a grass-is-greener... scenario.

I just look at my desk and see the stacks of papers I have ignored over the years. My filing system is what I call "organized chaos." To the unaided eye it looks like a mess, but I know what files are contained in which pile. There comes to a point, however, when the mobile home just gets too full. It brings a smile to my face to think about how my boss will have to make sense of everything if I fly out the door. It's also a nice thought to walk into an office and to be able to start a fresh pile of folders that will still be sitting there 10 years later as I leave for the next job.