June 26th, 2008


The Rare Bitter Emo Post

For the first time since joining the fandom back in 2002 I will not be attending AC. I have had a month of furry goodness so far, but it just feels weird to be missing "the big dance." The circumstances leading up to this point have also left me a little frustrated. I put my trust in Kitty to put together a great alternative to the con, and she failed miserably. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight things don't look all that bad, but I now know that if I want to do something, I had just better go ahead and make plans on my own. You see, we were supposed to take a furry cruise to Alaska as an alternative to going to the con. We would gather up as many furs as possible and just have a great time. I knew we were in trouble from the start when I saw that her efforts were half-assed at best. We needed dates and costs as early as possible to make this thing work. As time went on, I could see that it just wasn't going to come together. Like I mentioned earlier, however, many of out friends would have probably backed out anyway due to job or health situations. Still, what I ended up with is nothing. Oh, I could have done the "buy a ticket and hope for the best" route, but I'm too much of a control freak to end up somewhere with no definite place to stay. So I guess I'll put my eggs in next year's basket. If I get the job in NV, maybe I'll turn it into an epic 2,400 mile road trip (2400 miles/20MPG=120 gallons*$5/gal=$600 one way!!!). So to those that are there at the Westin or who will be there shortly, party on! Have a drink in my honor! And put the furry curse on the Yankees!