July 2nd, 2008


Screw the Xeriscaping!

When I bought the house 9 years ago I had a back yard with grass. Over time, the grass slowly shrank as I probably didn't water it enough. Last year the sprinkler system developed a leak so I resorted to hand watering. That didn't work all that great especially if I went away for a week or so. Add a rambunctious puppy to the mix and the grass will shrink even more. Also factor in hungry quail who scratch the ground like chickens and you end up with a back yard that is 100% dirt. You could also add New Mexico Spring winds which imports sand and creates nice little dunes and you REALLY end up with a yard that looks more like desert than suburban oasis. With a possible impending sale of the house (if I get the new job), I figured it would be nice to get a usable back yard again. The contractors are working on it now. I'll hopefully have a nice green patch of grass along with a repaired irrigation system. Of course I'll post some pics once it's all completed. There will be a furmeet at Fur Central on the 4th to christen the new yard. Unfortunately the sod will be too fresh to run around on it just yet. The dogs will also be forbidden to pee on it for quite some time.

"A Crude Awakening"

I just finished watching another documentary available online from Netflix. This one dealt with the concept of peak oil. It was very much a doom-and-gloom type of movie. It really got me thinking where this country and the world will be in 20-30 years in terms of energy. One would think that a movie like this would have a hidden agenda of promoting solar or wind power, but it basically said that even with wind and solar, we're still screwed. They ignored coal, so I think they're missing a big piece of the puzzle. It was pretty compelling, however, to realize that SOMETHING will have to be done in the very near future to prevent a complete meltdown of the world economy. The one thought that popped into my head as the movie concluded was that there was one very "simple" solution to the whole problem. That would be an epidemic which would wipe out about 99% of the human population. That would still leave 60,000,000 humans around. There would hopefully be plenty of energy then.