July 8th, 2008


Come Fly With Me

Here I sit in the ABQ Sunport waiting for my flight to Salt Lake. I'm amazed at the number of babies/little kids waiting for planes. You already know my feelings on the subject. There is almost nothing worse than SBS on a plane, screaming baby syndrome.

There was a story a week or so ago about a woman and child being thrown off the plane because the kid pitched a royal fit right before takeoff. The kid was autistic and somehow that was supposed to make us have sympathy to the mother's plight. Of course the flight attendants were blamed for everything, being that they were uncaring and unsympathetic to the mother's plight. There were lots and lots of comments relating to the story. There were 2 camps with about equal numbers of comments for each. One group vehemently supported the mother, saying the airline should be more caring. The other camp was made up of travelers who said that screaming babies, no matter what the reason, should not be allowed on airplanes. What was amusing was that both sides called each other selfish. Travelers without children should be considerate since we all have a RIGHT to fly. Travelers without children have a RIGHT to a quiet, enjoyable flight.

Of course I am a cruel heartless bastard. I think children should be given a large tranquilizer before any flight. Parents who fly with children should be beaten with sticks. Of course I grew up in a different era, but my parents didn't take any trips with me when I was a baby. Any vacation was somewhere close to home and drivable. I don't understand why parents today feel that they MUST transport their spawn across the country. The only argument that held water was to transport a child to a medical facility for treatment.

I don't know how many times I have seen parents transporting loads and loads of crap to support the transportation of their rugrats. Even today I was amazed at a woman who blocked an entire security line trying to get all of the diaper bags, carry-ons, and stroller onto the belt. I think she finally felt my mental knives stabbing her in the back because she allowed me to get ahead of her. I think she was still trying to get all of the crap screened well after I had put on my shoes. If I had to go through that hassle every time I traveled, there is no way Junior would be allowed on a plane until he was 10.

OK. There's my little rant for today. I know I have made it before. It's just such low-hanging fruit to bitch about when you're sitting in an airport.

Furry Bias

You know you're a furry when...
You pull up to a nice hotel in a downtown location and there are a bunch of people standing out in front talking and smoking. Your first response is to see who is wearing ears and tails. I STILL have an urge to put on a fursuit and run around the lobby.

So here I am in my hotel room after enjoying a splendid dinner of pesto pasta with scallops along with 2 micro brews. *burp*

It was certainly nice walking through the streets of Salt Lake. It makes me once again realize that I should get the hell out of Albuquerque. It's wonderful to walk around a nice vibrant downtown full of shops and bars and restaurants without an army of bums trying to scam you out of money. There's lots of construction going on as well telling me that the downtown revitalization is far from over.