July 18th, 2008


A Friday Berin-esque Post

I like to treat myself to fast food on Fridays. Carl's Jr is right down the street and has become my favorite. So the question for today is: Fish sandwich or Santa Fe Chicken?
I would opt for a burger, but that's what I plan on cooking up on the grill for dinner.

Oh, and since this is New Mexico, I plan on putting green chili on the fish sandwich. There already is chili on the Santa Fe chicken.

Poll #1225714 Friday Lunch Question

What should Sabot have for lunch at Carl's Jr.

Santa Fe Chicken
Fish Sammich (w/ green chili)

I won't ask you about the side. I have grown quite fond of their fried zucchini (instead of fries or O-rings). Mmmmmmm.

EDIT: And the winner was FISH SAMMICH! *burp*