July 19th, 2008


"The Suicide Club"

Many months ago someone on my F.L. or a friend of a friend posted an icon that showed a bunch of Japanese school girls jumping in front of a train. It was brought up that the icon was from the Japanese movie "The Suicide Club" Thanks to Netflix having a vast library of foreign films I was easily able to find it. It got put into our queue. I mentioned the movie to ari_foxy and he demanded that we move it up the list and have a movie night around it. Well....it arrived the other day and we all sat back tonight to watch it. I have been on this planet for 43 years. In that time I have seen hundreds of movies. I can honestly say that tonight I have watched THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!! OMG! There are not enough negative words in the dictionary for me to begin to describe this movie. You would think that with an opening scene of 53 school girls being run over by a speeding subway train with enough blood to give "The Shining" elevator scene a run for its money that the movie would have some potential even as a trashy horror film. NO! I would gladly watch any Halloween/Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th movie over this steaming piece of shit. I have very little respect for Japanese cinema outside of Kurosawa to begin with. This just lowered my opinion even more. I would gladly watch "Wild Zero" again. I would consider that movie to be the Japanese equivalent to "Citizen Kane" compared to Suicide Club.