July 29th, 2008



So much for taking precautions. Just the other week I put new kevlar tires on my bike which were given to me by ari_foxy since he no longer has a mountain bike. My tubes have also been Slimed. So what happens this morning? I get a flat. *facepaws* This is only the 2nd time in many years that I have been riding to work, so I should count my blessings. I guess I developed the leak fairly early in the ride this morning since I did hear a strange noise coming from the tire. I later figured out it was air escaping in little spurts as the Slime tried to keep the hole filled. I tried pumping up the tire in hopes the Slime re-sealed the hole, but no luck. So I ended up walking the bike about a half mile to the nearest bus stop. The bus got me to within a few blocks of the office. All-in-all I was only about 15 minutes late. Looks like I'll be changing a tube tomorrow.
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