August 4th, 2008


Weather Geek

This has been a very interesting monsoon season. We supposedly almost set a record for wettest July (which is only 2-3". Hey! It's a desert!) but I certainly haven't seen it on the west side of ABQ. We have had a few good rain showers, but not the nice violent weather associated with Summer thunderstorms. There haven't been any "extreme dog walkings" this year. Once again, those are days when I'm up on the mesa with nothing around me and lightning arcing all over the place.

Last night I was in the backyard on the phone with mom when I noticed several large, intense flashes of light coming from the front of the house. We're talking about flashes that cast shadows of the house in the backyard. I went out to the front and was treated to one heck of a light show! The lightning was way off to the south but there were just so many beautiful, long-lasting bolts that I knew I had to try photographing them. It took a lot of playing around with exposures, ISO settings, flash vs no flash, stopping up or down, etc, but I managed to snag a few great pics. Thank doG for digital photography where I can shoot away dozens of shots in order to get a few keepers. So here's what I ended up with.

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Now I have the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" stuck in my head. Or perhaps I should play some Midnight Oil off of their "Blue Sky Mining" cd.