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Bear Droppings
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Friday, August 8th, 2008

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Friday Wrap-Up
Kitty and I will be heading up to Durango this weekend to ride the Durango & Silverton. I had not thought about riding this classic steam train because I figured I had already ridden it once. It was only after I realized that it had been over 20 YEARS since that trip that another ride would be in order especially since Kitty had never even done it before. So we'll be staying in shithole Bloomfield NM since Durango is batshit expensive if you can even find a room.

Next week I have a meeting/training class in Boulder, CO. I should be up there Tue and Wed night. I don't know if I'll have much social time, however. I'll be driving up there with my supervisor *shudders* and meeting a co-worker up there. At least my co-worker is really cool. He's only been here a few months and I think he sees me as a beacon of insane sanity in the office. I put things in proper perspective for him which I think he appreciates. For instance, we sit in my office during lunch and watch episodes of "The Office" courtesy of Netflix. Last week I bet him that our supervisor would at some point during the show walk by and stop to wonder what the heck we were doing. I won! He's such a nosy SOB! *lol*

Speaking of "The Office," it has become a major addiction for me. I love this show! I had seen it now and then on NBC but never made a point to watch it faithfully. What was I thinking?! It's hysterical! Once I get season 3 watched I hope they post season 4. In the meantime I can watch the British version from which the American version is based. Let's see if the humor translates from English to American. *lol*

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