August 15th, 2008


Boulder Trip

This week I had a meeting up in Boulder, CO. Normally this is a good meeting where we discuss the computer program I use on a daily basis to keep track of everyone's water. This meeting this year was pretty "Meh!" in my opinion. The talks were just average and it kind of stung to hear about all of the cool stuff they will be doing with the program in the office where I got rejected for the job. On the other paw it was sort of an epiphany for me in that I finally put the pain of the rejection behind me.

I made the mistake of driving up to the meeting with my supervisor. Normally we fly, but he wanted to drive his own rig. I thought I would save the gov't some money and tag along with him. Big mistake! Not only is he pretty antisocial and doesn't like to have any meaningful, friendly conversation, but he also drives the speed limit EXACTLY! What would normally be a 6.5-7 hour drive took over 8.5. He was going to take a two-lane road going home, but I managed to convince him to just stay on the damn interstate. At least I got most of the last Harry Potter read.

My cool co-worker had to bow out at the last minute due to illness which meant I would probably end up spending more time with my boss *shudders* Luckily freefox and furitz came to my rescue. They took me out to dinner along with their roomie belpolaris to a really great Indian restaurant. After that it was back to the fox den for lots of drunken debauchery. Hey! It's what happens when you put bears and foxes together!

After an evening of fun it was back to the conference and the eventual looooooong drive back. I decided to take the afternoon off today since I was owed about 5 hours of OT. So now it's time to just hang out and enjoy the day and weekend!