August 28th, 2008


Brain Dump

Otto the Otter is a go! Suit has been ordered and paid for! My first gig will be next month at the State Fair. If the new suit isn't here by then, I'll have to use the old suit. *shrugs*

We had a nice furmeet the other day at one of the local Indian casinos. You can't beat a $5 dinner buffet! There was a table of screaming babies very near us. I got some laughs when I said that judging from the looks of the parents, the 3 kids were probably 9, 18, and 27-months old.

The assistant office manager "busted" me yesterday watching YouTube. Fortunately she is a Democrat and I was watching Hillary's speech so she thought it was very cool. *lol*

For those of you with cartoon knowledge of biology, you might be very surprised to learn that roadrunners are not cute little birds just "runnin' down the road lookin' for fun." They are little versions of velociraptors. A couple of weeks ago there was a commotion at the bird feeder. All of the pets were inside, so I went to investigate. I just caught a glimpse of a roadrunner hopping over the fence with another bird in its beak. Today a roadrunner was running past the front of the house with a lizard dangling from its beak. Mmmmmmm. Vore.

This weekend will be a furry campout. We'll be camped out in the Chain of Craters Wilderness Study Area at the base of an extinct volcano; Cerro Chato. There will be lots of beer, food, guns, and a whole lot of solitude. Any other NM furs want to tag along? I think we're at 4 or 5 folks right now.

To those at EF, have a few German beers for me!
To those at MFM, have some catfish and hush puppies for me!

Obama's Speech

Long story short: Brilliant!

He hearkened back to the Kennedy concept of "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." He was very respectful of McCain but also pointed out that he is also a toady to that epic failure known as George W Bush. The speech had me in tears a few times. He summed up my feelings about America very well. I can't see the Republicans next week embracing a woman's right to choose or a gay couple's right to equal rights. I liked his "bring it on, bitch!" attitude. It was just so refreshing to hear an American leader speak with eloquence as opposed to the chimp we have been listening to for the past 8 years.

Oh yeah. I'm fired up. Brilliant.