August 29th, 2008


Political Bear

Normally I just don't care about politics. You won't see me posting rant after rant about how retarded some of our elected officials are. When I feel strongly about a political issue, however, I will make an LJ post. Last night was one of those times. I am not falling head over heels for Obama, but I do see a need for radical change in DC. Whether it would have been he or Hillary that got the nomination, they would would have received my vote in November. I really can't see how anybody can say with a straight face that the direction this country is heading in at this moment is the right one.

McCain did a brilliant move in announcing his candidate this morning. It was so shocking that it completely took the wind out of Obama's sails from his wonderful speech last night. His only miscalculation, however, is that once the dust settles, people will realize what an asinine move it was. I'm listening to conservative radio this morning and they're gushing over her record. Put it in perspective, people! She was a mayor in a small town in a small state. You would think she ran New York City! If I did what they were doing, my resume today would include the time I worked in an ice cream stand and a Christmas card factory. Those skills would surely help me in hydrology. *facepaws*

Even Bill O'Reilly is doing a "WTF?!?" in his radio show. One caller was from Alaska and said she has been nothing special as governor.

Oh my! We'll all probably want to hide in a hole by the time November rolls around, but this will truly be one of the most interesting election seasons in many many years!