September 3rd, 2008


Dental Geeking

I know a lot of folks on my FL hate the dentist. Many haven't gone in many years even if their teeth are hurting. Not me. I figure that there are 3 things necessary for life; eating, drinking, and breathing. It would suck if pain was involved in 2 or even all three of those.

When I was a kid I had terrible dental hygiene. I'm paying for that now with a mouth full of fillings. Fillings tend to age so I have to go back and have them replaced when they go bad. This means regular trips to the dentist for me. Back in my youth I first went to a dentist that didn't believe in novocaine. You would think that would make we swear off dentists forever. Once I knew I could have work done without being in excruciating pain, I never feared the dentist.

For those that watched me eat at this year's Rocky Mountain Furcon, you usually got to see me eat in a state of pain. One of my teeth was acting up and I was having a heck of a time chewing on the other side. It seemed that the upper tooth was causing a pressure point on the lower tooth. If I got a little hard piece of food at the right spot it would cause me to see stars of pain.

I decided to ditch my old dentist and try someone new. Since he was a preferred provider for my insurance, the costs should also be less. He determined that the problem tooth from May was now cracked. I would need a crown. No biggie. I was expecting 2 or more weeks before the work could be done. Oh no! He had the latest technology! He took a digital 3D image of the tooth as it existed. He drilled it down to a shape that a crown would fit over, took another image, fed the data into a CAD program, designed the crown, and sent it to a milling machine which made the crown on the spot. I was amazed! Here I thought digital xrays were cool! So 3 hours later my tooth is fixed! Hopefully no more pain!