September 11th, 2008


"Righteous Kill" -- review

It's been quite some time since Kitty and I have gone to a free sneak peak at the movies. Yesterday we decided to go to the preview of the new police thriller starring DeNiro and Pacino. Now you would think with a cast like that you would have a winner. Well, the answer was more "Meh" than anything else. I raised an eyebrow during the opening credits when I saw that it wasn't released by any of the major film companies. OK. How could they afford DeNiro and Pacino? The director was no one I had hear of. A check of IMDB this morning revealed that he really hasn't done all that much, especially in the police/crime genre. I kept wondering how different this movie would have been if it had been directed by Scorsese. It came across as "Hey! Let's throw 2 great actors into a film with a mediocre plot! Their star power will elevate the film!" Yeah, there were some good acting moments, but a common complaint overheard was that the major plot twist was about as subtle as a elephant in a china shop. I must admit that I didn't see it coming because it was such a forced "Gotcha!" I'll just say that the film was worth every penny I paid to see it.

Oh, I was pleased with myself when I recognized Samir from "Office Space" in a bit part as a Middle Eastern doctor.