September 12th, 2008


The $100 Fursuit

It was pointed out by the lovely animecat that Target is getting in on the cheap Halloween fursuit racket. They are selling fursuits for around $100. HERE! Have a look for yourself! Like I wrote before when someone was pointing out the cheap Chinese knockoff suits that are selling on eBay, how good does it have to be for $100?!? I took a chance and ordered one. I figuered it would be good for lulz. 20 years ago I would have freaked spending $100 on something that could turn out so horrible wrong. Now I'm willing to take a chance. Heck, I spent a few thousand on a backyard from a shady company who is now nowhere to be found. So I will post the results of my findings. I will be your guinea pig. Or Hungry Wolf as the costume says. If nothing else it will hopefully make a nice sleeper. If not a sleeper, then a yiff suit *lol*