September 29th, 2008


Stop Making Sense

The nice thing about ABQ is that we're getting big enough to attract big-name music acts but small enough to actually be able to go and see those acts in a nice venue. It's also nice that Santa Fe is known as an artist community, so more "artsy" acts will make an effort to hit New Mexico. That was the case last night.

Kitty and I had the pleasure to attend a David Byrne concert. If that name doesn't ring a bell, he was the front man for The Talking Heads, one of the first groups to be placed in the "alternative rock" category back in the late 70's. They really hit it big when I was in college, and "Burning Down the House" was an MTV staple. After the group broke up Byrne had a pretty successful solo career. I have 3 of his cds and enjoy the eclectic mix that he does. Unfortunately I don't think he did anything from any of those cds. He's out promoting new music that he did with Brian Eno. According to him it's Internet only at the present time.

The show was a lot of fun. He would throw in a Talking Heads tune from time to time with the show hitting its peak when he did 2 Talking Heads' classics "Once in a Lifetime" followed by "Life During Wartime." The whole crowd was singing "This Ain't No Party! This Ain't no Disco! This Ain't no Foolin' Around." He did "Take Me to the River" for an encore.

It was a real pleasure to see such an important figure in rock still performing after all of these years. He's still going strong producing ground-breaking music. It was also cool to be in a crowd of old hippies, folks our age, and college students who are still discovering his music.