October 3rd, 2008


Friday Bullet Points

I've had a bunch of thoughts floating around, but nothing I could wrap a post around. *lol* I guess I needed to be more like a drunk driver in order to wrap my thoughts around a post! *rimshot*

1) VP Debate: Could not stomach the whole thing. Moderator sucked in that she let them slide with a whole bunch of non-answers. Hold their feet to the fire, bitch!

2) Wall St mess: Yeah, my stocks are hemorrhaging money, but I'm in it for the long haul. I would rather our country flirt with a depression and have the right thing done as opposed to slapping a band-aid on the problem which we'll regret 10 years down the road. NO FREE RIDE FOR ANYONE WHO MADE A BAD DECISION! It's mostly greed, baby. I heard a story about a 70-year old who can't retire because he owes too much money. Suck it! You refinanced because you thought your house was a cash cow and wanted to live the good life. You rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes. You lose!

3) Fursuits: doG help me I'm addicted to cheap fursuits. I am experimenting with cheap Chinese knock off mascot suits for $200. I'll report on it when it arrives. Kitty bought us another cheap Target frog mascot to see how the sizing is. A standard suit (as opposed to XL) fits me just fine. It's a frog and it's adorable! Maybe I'll get a pic this weekend.

4) Kitty invited the local sci-fi group over for a get-together tonight. Hopefully we'll expand our circle of geek friends and introduce the local geeks to furry culture.

5) Next weekend we depart for FurFright! Woohoo! I need a furry fix! Hey folks in the NE...How are the Fall colors! We'll be hitting Maine and Vermont before the con.

6) Health Issues: Got the results from my physical. High blood pressure is still a problem. Overall cholesterol is ok but I have low good and high bad. Meh! I'll be adjusting my eating habits to try to get healthier. I refuse to make big lifestyle cahnges, however. I'm fine with replacing martinis with red wine and Cheerios instead of Frosted Flakes. If I can drop 20 pounds, that will be a good thing. I'll work towards that goal. Oh, and bear is clean and ready for yiffing!

Have a great weekend!