October 26th, 2008


Blind Furry Kindness (I mean stupidity)

I just read something on LJ that just pissed off almost beyond words.

One of the nice things about the furry fandom is that in a lot of respects we are a family. I have no problem hosting furmeets or room parties and not asking for any compensation. I will provide a roof over a fellow fur's head if they're traveling across country and need some crash space (if they come with references). But sometimes there is that blind furry kindness out there that makes me cringe. I've seen it many times. One fur takes in a homeless fur and soon there is drama all over the place as homeless fur takes advantage of the situation. Sometimes the fur-in-need will rob his hosts blind. Sometimes you might just be helping out a total psycho.

Everyone has probably heard about the drama that happened at Furfright. A fursuiter had his head stolen out of the headless lounge by a drunk mundane. There was an immediate outpouring of love and compassion, and a donation was quickly started. A few times I was asked, "Are you going to contribute, Sabot?" Part of me (a very small part) wanted to help. I was really hoping that some fursuit maker would step up and donate their talents. The bigger part of me was thinking, "Well, you were a tard for leaving your head completely unguarded in the headless lounge. Live and learn. Over $500 was collected. The furry love was gushing from the con. Awwww. We're one big happy family!

And now the story takes a twisted turn. It turns out that the hotel knows for a fact the mundane who stole the head. Charges can be filed. Damages can be collected. It might not get the head back, but there is that possibility. And now things get uglier. I just read that the fur in question is so happy to have $500 in his pocket that he is going to go right out and BUY A WHOLE NEW FURSUIT! Not just a head, but a whole new suit! Oh, and the head that was stolen, he had made it himself!

This is not the first time I have heard about tardery like this. It seems that if bad things happen to fursuiters there is this instant call to all band together to buy a new fursuit for this person. Will everyone just please stop and think for a moment before jumping on the warm and fuzzy bandwagon. There are a lot of furs out there in REAL need. Fursuits and con attendance should be the lowest things on everyone's priority list. If you feel so strongly that we should all donate, why not bear the whole cost yourself and enjoy those good vibes yourself. You can then also enjoy all of the frustration when you see your hard-earned money squandered.