October 30th, 2008


Nazi Mom

I was chatting with my mom a few days ago, and the subject of the election came up. I cringed because I knew where this was going. My parents were always staunch Republicans, but I didn't realize how far to the right my mom had swung in her old age. When the subject of Obama comes up, you can see the displeasure on her face. I don't think she'd go as far as referring to him as "that n*****," but you never know. I made a comment that at least Bush will be out of the White House. She surprised me and said that she also hated Bush and was glad she didn't vote for him in 2004. Huh? She actually voted for Kerry?!? Hell no! She voted for Pat Buchanan. *FACEPAWS* If I become old and crotchety and start spewing hate-filled speech, take me out into the woods, cover me in canned salmon, and leave me for the bears.