November 18th, 2008


The Great MFF Road Trip of '08: Day 3

I could have posted this yesterday, but I like to space out my posts to build up the drama! *lol*

Monday was an uneventful drive across the wilds of Iowa. I left the Tiger Den at 7:30. I pretty much drove straight through on I-80 all the way to Chicago. I pulled into my mom's garage at 3:30. So 8 hours to go 513 miles. Compared to the previous day this drive was downright boring. There was light traffic and only a few snow squalls to make things a little interesting. The only highlight was lunch at Burger King in Iowa City. *lol* So now I'm here at my mom's. I pick up Carol at Midway tonight, and then it's off to the Westin tomorrow. My mom's seniors' group is off to see "Quantum of Solace" today. I think I'll chaperon. *grins*

6 Year Annifursary

Yay! November 18, 2002: Sabot joins and posts his "furvey" thus outing himself as a furry. What a wonderful 6 years it has been! And tomorrow I am off to a con. Conventions, what a strange and foreign concept to me back in 2002. And now I'm off to my....*counts on claws*....ummmmm......billionth con? *LOL* *sings in a nasally Willy Nelson voice* "To all the furs I've loved before..." *switches over to Jerry Garcia* "What a long strange trip it's been!"