December 12th, 2008


Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea: Watching a movie with your mom
Bad Idea: Watching "The Bucket List" with your mom which deals with dying of cancer and your dad died of cancer.
You know your parents loved one another deeply when mom still cries about dad's death almost 7 years ago.

Office Party

We had our annual Xmas party at work today over lunch period. Once again I suited as Santa Bear and made all of the kids cry *facepaws*

Somebody made brownies and one looked exactly like a turd. There were comments like, "Oooo! It looks like Santa Bear left us a present!" One of my co-workers eventually ate it. I made a comment about how this was turning into "Pink Flamingos." Only one of the younger employees caught the reference and *LOL'd*

During the potluck lunch I went to get seconds. I told a co-worker to save my place at the table. I even left all of my utensils, napkin, and drink at the place. When I returned the assistant office manager had taken my spot along with our deputy commissioner (think assistant CEO of the company) who happened to be here for a visit. I was pissed! Obviously you don't tell the 2nd in command to fuck off, so I found another seat. I got my revenge, however, when we played "Dirty Santa" and I yoinked our manager's bottle of wine. Mwaa haa haa!