December 22nd, 2008


Chrysler FAIL

I have been pretty cool on the idea of bailing out the auto industry. Yes, it may be responsible for a million jobs, but we're still not a socialist state. You want a market-driven economy, you got it! I especially want to see Chrysler go away. From everything I have heard they were bought out by an investment firm hoping to turn a quick buck by gutting the company and selling off the bits. I guess that won't be so easy now.

The airwaves here have been flooded with lots of ads for Chrysler products. I don't know what their ad budget is, but from the volume of commercials I have seen, it must be huge! It would be one thing if the ads were effective, but they just make me angry. The one I hate the most is the one with the macho guys all driving the shit out of TOUGH Dodge pickups on a lame obstacle course with things like trucks swinging from cranes. There's lots of testosterone dripping from the screen as everyone yells "WOOOOOOO! YEAHHHHH!" If I see that damn commercial one more time......

The other commercial they're airing has the song, "You've Got to Move It" playing in the background. Sorry guys. That commercial doesn't make me want to buy a truck. It makes me want to watch "Madagascar." I see cute lemurs, not shitty cars.

I should also mention that I drove a Chrysler product on my recent trip to Denver last week. What a POS! It was a Caliber which I guess is some sort of hatchback. It had manual windows, manual mirrors, and manual door locks. Granted, it may have been the rental agency's fault for ordering bottom-of-the-line vehicles, but as Fritzfox pointed out, there are makers out there where electronic features like that are standard. It took me a long time to find simple controls like the rear window defrost and rear windshield wiper. I never did find a switch to turn on the inside dome light. So yeah, you went bankrupt once, Chrysler, you can do it again without my tax money to help you flounder some more.