January 6th, 2009


3 Second Rule

No, this is not about food falling on the floor. It's the rule for establishing following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It used to be the 2 Second Rule, but I guess they figured an extra second couldn't hurt. I mention this because I got rear-ended this morning on the freeway. It was a very low-speed collision and no damage was done, but it was enough to piss me off for a few hours. I have actually been waiting for this to happen. On more than one occasion there have been times where I have had to brake hard and noticed a yahoo in my rearview mirror go flying off onto the shoulder or lock-em-up and fishtail to a halt. I will admit that I have been that yahoo as well, but I'm usually looking at least 2 or 3 cars ahead to see what traffic is doing. If I notice the front end of the car ahead of me start to plow, I will be braking a bit harder than usual since I see that he is slowing down rapidly. That's what happened today. I saw that traffic was slowing quickly and the car in front of me must have been going a little too fast. I was proactive and started to slow more quickly. Gramps in back of me, however, didn't act until it was too late. I quickly pulled over which was probably the most hazardous thing I did. Traffic was absolutely nuts flying by in the right lane. I then realized how easy it would be to hit-and-run someone. It was utter chaos in the early-morning darkness with cars whizzing by on both the right and left. I just wanted to pull over to make sure everything was ok. Gramps came walking back to make sure there was no damage. I could care less about his vehicle. I had to tell him to be careful since he was walking back in the roadway. Jeez. How many times has a fender-bender ended up with someone getting biffed by a gawker not paying attention. The only injury of the day happened when I poked myself in the eye motioning to him that he should be keeping a better eye on the road. Ow.