January 20th, 2009


Hail to the Chief

Despite all of the hoopla going on, there is a simple beauty and elegance of Inauguration Day. Think of the course of human history and all of the various governments that have ruled the various political states around the Earth. How wonderful is it that the most powerful country in the world can peacefully hand over power from one leader to another. Think about how many monarchies have existed even with mentally retarded rulers. Think about how many dictators are still in the world where it doesn't matter how much he is hated or how much he ruins the country (*cough* Zimbabwe *cough*). The people are stuck with lousy leadership until he is killed or overthrown. We had a president who was hated by most, and in a few hours or so, he will be gone. In a few hours we will have a new leader, and life will go on for this country. If Obama drives us deeper into a hole, he will be gone in 4 years. We will then swear in someone new and we'll keep going. This is what makes America great.

Pasadina Doo Dah Parade '09!

OK. Enough of the political stuff on LJ. Let's talk fursuiting!

This past Sunday was the annual Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena, CA. This was my second time in 2 years to march in the parade. It was so much fun that I just had to come back! I saw that 14,000 people lined the parade route, but I think that was an overestimation. I will say, however, that half that number wouldn't surprise me. Yeah. It was that big! The crowd was very enthusiastic and they loved teh furrehs! I think I said this last year, but if you're going to FC, why not add a few more days and come on down to Pasadena to take part in the crazy fursuiting that takes place. Be aware that the crowd loves to throw marshmallows and corn tortillas at the participants. One should also know that while the route isn't that long (~0.5 miles) it is SoCal. We marched in temps hovering around 80. It was one of the few times where I felt like I might lose it at some point. Even though I tanked up on water, I started feeling lightheaded at a few points. Even diehard Scruff E Coyote popped his top behind a dumpster at the end of the parade. Both of us tried to hide our appearance from the public, but it was less than optimal conditions. I think we both felt that getting a little air was more important than maintaining "the illusion."

So now onto the pics! Hopefully someone will post the names of the other suiters. Scruff posted the names to the SoCal Furs list. All I remember was myself, Scruff, and Singlespeed Cheetah as Taiko Wolf.

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