January 27th, 2009


Short FC Con Report

I made it back safely to ABQ today. The roads in AZ were pretty much clear this morning, so I made the mad dash across the state back into NM. I was eating a green chile burrito at Garcia's by lunchtime. The only "incident" this morning was that my windshield washer froze up which left me with near zero visibility for several miles as I struggled to get to a gas station to clean the windshield.

This was my 6th FC, and the string is unbroken for truly awesome cons. Much of that is due to albear and dexter_fox who are awesome friends. This was the 1st FC where we didn't share the same room or adjoining rooms. We had to make do with just being neighbors. Many great meals were shared including Mongolian BBQ on Tue with scritchwuff, Old Spaghetti Factory on Wed, Outback on Thurs, In-n-Out on Friday, and Papa John's in the hotel room on Sun night with Al and Dex, just chillin' and reminiscing.

I suited as Nevada on Thursday, as Quewe on Fri and Sat, and as Honey Bunny on Sun. I'm slowly getting the handle of performing as Quewe. Heat was the issue on Friday. I literally had a cloud of fog around me as I opened my suit outside to get a little air. On Saturday I suited the end part of the parade. This time it was upper-body strength that gave out. That and my back started to spasm while trying to maintain the proper pose for the most realistic-looking bear.

I worked on FNL again this year. This will be my last year doing it unless dragged back kicking and screaming. Perhaps most of the drama was in my head, but I just don't need that mental stress any more. We managed a heck of a show despite flashbacks to "Belly Con" a few years ago. This year we had "Hula Con." Feel free to leave comments about what you thought of the pre-show show. I'm still waiting to hear a positive comment outside of "we were having a blast MST3K'ing it while it was being shown on FCTV."

The most fun was had on Saturday night when I hung out the entire evening in the Cub Hub. Think of it as the ultimate babyfur room only done more like a chill lounge. I ended up bartending for most of the night. That was just fine by me! It was during this period when I had what I called "the most perfect con moment." I went out on the balcony to get some air and enjoy the night. I just stood there with the noise from the party in front of me, the traffic noise of the 101 in back of me, the cool night air, the sight of so many furs just having the best damn time they could at all of the parties going on, all the while standing there with a mai tai in my paws while dressed in a teddy bear sleeper. It made me want to scream, "I LOVE THIS FANDOM!"

Quote of the con: "One point twenty-one jigawatts!!!"

And now some pics!
Supah happy numbah one Asian bear hug!

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