January 29th, 2009



I'm sitting here at work today reading LJ in my spare time, going over all of the FC reports that have been pouring in. At one point I really started to get that depressed feeling and realized that it was a mild case of PCD. Now I haven't really had it for quite some time. I get to numerous conventions every year so I know that I can get a dose of furry goodness every so often. No, I think this PCD is a different form. This is the type where you see pics of all the weird and wonderful stuff that was going on and you realize just how much you missed out! As a veteran con goer I would have thought that I would have gotten over this by now. I guess it's that sense of frustration that one can not be everywhere at all times. If you try to do that you end up with a different syndrome which I have named "furry overload" where your brain seizes up because you are once again trying to do everything at once which leads to you getting a mental blue screen of death.

I mentioned to someone that I had 2 different strategies for handling con time. One was to stay put in one place and let the con come to you. I've done this before where I open up my room and have a constant stream of people come in and out to socialize. It fails in that most of the con doesn't get to my room. So then there is the wandering method. You keep in motion and hope to bump into folks. This works better, but it seems that the odds of missing someone is too great. Since everyone is in motion it is hard to get quality face time with a lot of folks. There lots of "Hi! Bye!" moments. Fursuiting makes this an even more complex matter. If you're in suit and in character, it's hard to catch up with old friends you bump into. It seems that when you're out of suit, you want to be in suit. When you're in suit, there's stuff going on where it would be better to be out of suit.

And then there's the regret of not spending enough time in suit. I see people running around almost the entire con in fursuit. Damn! I call myself a suiter and I'm only getting in a few hours! Then again, I suit whenever I want wherever I want. I don't need a con as an excuse to get out there and entertain. For many this is the one or two times a year they can put on that expensive suit to get their money's worth.

Cons are also places where everyone can let their fur down. Perhaps many are closeted both to their parents and classmates/co-workers. Once again it's no big deal to me. The excitement of being around so many with a similar interest is there, but the NEED to be furry is not.

So, yeah, I'm chasing my tail here. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to FC and I had a wonderful time. I should not regret that I could have had a better time had I done X or Y or not done X or Y. Sure, I would have loved to have met even more folks and reinforced some friendships, but there will always be other cons. If I missed you, there will always be AC in 6 months or MFF 4 months after that, or FC '10.