February 14th, 2009



For about 20 years I have had a thing about the Academy Awards. I feel that the Oscars still have a little bit of integrity attached to them as opposed to awards like The Grammy's. I always make an effort to see the nominated pictures before the awards show. If I can't see them before, I then make an effort to rent them afterward. Usually I am not disappointed. People and movies usually get nominated because they deserved it. Well, there are some exceptions. I absolutely despised the movie "The Piano" when it came out in '93. I have also disagreed with a few winners since then, but I could see how the winners got to be where they ended up.

Tonight we finally watched "Dreamgirls" courtesy of Netflix. OMG! It has been a long time since I have wanted to shut off a movie and go on to something else. How the Hell did it garner so many nominations?!? Oh wait! I forgot. It got shut out on most of those. AND RIGHTFULLY SO! UGH! I could see if Jennifer Hudson won after her family was killed as a sympathy vote, but she just flat out sucked! The only person I could see as Oscar-worthy was Eddie Murphy, and he didn't win. I guess I should have realized how bad this flick was when it was a musical, had 3 songs nominated for Best Song, and STILL lost in that category. Yeah, if you haven't seen this flick and have thought about renting it, I'm sure there's an Adam Sandler or Mr Bean movie out there that would be better worth your time.