February 26th, 2009


All Set for AC

I had my hotel reservation in pocket a few months ago. Today I now have our transportation to and from the con all taken care of. Screw the airlines! We'll be taking the train! Sure it cost more and will take much longer, but it will be relatively hassle-free. Besides, you can't beat the fact that the station is just over a block from the Westin. We've got a sleeping compartment for every leg except PGH to CHI. Amtrak screwed me over by selling the last bedroom in the bargain price range before I could hit the "Accept" button. It gave me an error and told me that the bedroom was no longer available. Oh, they were still available, only not at the price I agreed to. Within a minute the price shot up $100. Bite me!

We'll be getting in bright and early on Wednesday morning. Anybody getting there Tuesday? The plan is to drop off our bags, hit the Steel City Diner for some breakfast, and then do some sightseeing. I definitely want to get to Point State Park and the Warhol Museum this year. I'd also like to get up to the top of the incline railway near the Buca di Bepo. Maybe dinner there Thurs night after a ride? We plan on leaving the con on Sunday night. The train leave about midnight, so we'll have to find a Dead Dog party going on where we can chill until then. It would be a good thing to get on the train a little smashed so we can sleep through the night. That's the leg of the trip w/o the sleeper. We then get to Chicago Monday morning and hop on the Southwest Chief that afternoon. Overall I'm really looking forward to this! Hopefully there will be no hassles transporting a fursuit.