February 27th, 2009


Media Post

I subscribed to eMusic the other day. I got 35 free downloads courtesy of Netflix. Overall it's not a bad site in that there is no security bullshit to deal with. Downloads are only $0.40@, so the price is right. The only problem is that their selection is pretty minimal. I have been calling it "the Dollar Tree of music downloading sites." I did manage to download the entire 6-sided concert album "Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends" from Emerson, Lake and Palmer for less than $4. Man! I played the shit out of that vinyl when I was in high school! I have a feeling that music downloading from this site will be a lot like subscribing to Columbia House. At 1st I'll be downloading a lot, but then it will quickly tail off. It has a nice pay-as-you-go plan, so there's no commitment to worry about. There's a ton of really cool jazz there. I might take this opportunity to beef up my library. Anybody else have any recommendations on good downloading sites?

I watched a documentary about the Frost/Nixon debates the other day. I plan on renting the Oscar-nominated movie when it comes out, and so I wanted the real history behind the story. I was totally blown away at the depth of the interview! Damn! We need a serious journalist like David Frost again! He hammered Nixon on some very serious questions. When Nixon tried to dodge or not fully answer something, Frost was on him like a fanboy on a ham sandwich. He was prepared with quotes, dates, places, etc and forced Nixon to answer the question. Today the questions reporters ask tend to be such softballs. I would love to see someone like a Tom Brokaw take on George W in a similar manner as Frost did to Nixon.

Kitty and I watched "Changeling" a few days ago. It was a pretty good flick although not one of Clint Eastwood's better directing efforts. I'm glad it wasn't nominated for Best Picture although we could see why Angelina Jolie got a nod for Best Actress. The movie is supposed to be based on the actual murders of young boys in 1920's L.A. So I guess times have not changed. People were doing horrible things to children even back then. Imagine that.

Speaking of murder, it looks like ABQ has its own serial killer. They have found 11 bodies buried out in the desert on the edge of town. 2 have been identified as drug-using prostitutes that went missing several years ago. Has this news popped up anywhere else in the country? You would think 11 dead bodies would cause quite the stir. Oh wait! They were not blue-eyed, blonde, white girls. My bad.

Have a great weekend, everyone!