March 4th, 2009


Sabot at the Movies

Comcast screwed up something a few months ago and sent us vouchers for 5 free pay-per-view movies. I have been taking advantage of those lately. Here are Sabot's movie reviews.

"Man on Wire" - This won Best Documentary at this year's Oscars. It's the story of the Frenchman who tightrope walked between the World Trade Center Towers in the '70's. It was a rather moving story about how this guy became obsessed with high-wire acts and did the equivalent of guerrilla fursuiting. The movie tells the story about how he set up the entire thing and finally pulled it off. It was truly amazing to watch him perform 1000'+ above the streets of Manhattan without any protection. The story falls apart at the end as he sleeps with a fangirl after he is released from the police station and then breaks up with his girlfriend. There is no mention of 9/11 or how that affected him. Perhaps that's what moved me the most about this movie. There were so many images of the Twin Towers being constructed. It pained me greatly to realize that they no longer exist. All of that steel that was being put into place later fell into a pile of rubble. I would give the film 3 and a half salmons on the bear scale. Al and Dex, it's available instantly on Netflix. Give it a viewing!

"W." - Oliver Stone's BioPic about George Bush. Overall not a bad movie. It seems a bit too soon for this film. There are documentaries about the Iraq War which are far superior. It was interesting, however, to see Bush portrayed as the failure party boy before finally finding Jesus and direction into politics. I will say that Josh Brolin is definitely the actor to watch over the next few years. He was phenomenal as the president just as he was the councilman in "Milk." The rest of the cast was also stellar in their portrayals of Powell, Cheney, Rice, and Rove. I'd give it 3 out of 4 salmons.

"Religulous" - Bill Maher's look at religion. This was a great documentary. He paints a very scary picture of how we as humans are so quick to jump to mystical and mythical conclusions without any thought or reason. He takes no prisoners as he lambastes the world's major religions. It was funny and scary at the same time. This one gets 4 out of 4 salmons.

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