March 7th, 2009


Who Watches The Watchmen?

Not me! Well, not yet. I plan on seeing it tomorrow morning. I did, however, finish re-reading the series. Man! I hadn't read it since I picked it up 20 years ago and I STILL remembered most of the plot. I just looked back through my LJ posts and realized that I have been waiting for "The Watchman" to come out on the big screen since April 1, 2005! Hopefully it will be worth the wait. I have seen reviews both favorable and not so.

The question I have is how long before we see a Bubastis fursuit? Once again I have not seen the movie yet, but I have heard that the feline sidekick IS featured in the movie. I certainly hope so! Oh, and BTW, THIS was posted to the ROFLCL community yesterday. It's what the Watchmen would look like if it were a Saturday morning cartoon. *LOL* I love it that Bubastis is played like Cringer from "He-Man." What I also find amusing is that in one of the issues there is a letter to Ozymandus asking about the marketing of action figures of the masked heroes of the day. They want to issue a Bubastis action figure because it would be so darn cute. I agree!