March 19th, 2009


Drunk Bear

In yesterday's post donkeyears got on my case because I like to drink. Since he IS Donkey, he started to be an ass. He started taking on the tone of one of those "true believers" where it doesn't matter what you say, you are wrong. It's like those Christians who say that if you don't believe what they say, you must be under the influence of Satan. If you say that you're not under his influence they will counter that that's exactly what Satan would want you to believe.

It seems that people that don't drink or get high and mighty about drinking have had some sort of bad experience with alcohol. Either they had an abusive drunk parent/mate or they knew someone who died either through alcoholism or drunk driving. That's all fine. I really don't give a shit. We're all different! Just hang out on a Saturday night at a con and you will see the entire spectrum from the stupid drunk to the mean drunk to the happy drunk. Why do you have to get drunk at a con? Because to most people it enhances the social experience. Why are bars packed on Saturday nights? Why is selling beer at sporting events so profitable?

I'll say it flat out that I enjoy the taste of alcohol and the nice buzz you get. Why do I need that "buzz?" It enhances my enjoyment of the situation. If you get high on Jesus, life, or yoga, more power to ya! None of that works for me or not as well. If you smoke tobacco or weed, drop shrooms or E, that's fine with me. It's not my particular cup of tea. I won't get in your face about it unless you start acting totally retarded.

The problem with saying something like, "I don't have a problem," is that true believers will jump on that and say, "Ah! See! You're in denial!" *facepaws* Once again, you can't argue against that because their mind is already made up. You might have a drinking problem if:
You pass out every night
You get physically abusive when drunk
You have several DWI/DUI's
You drink to oblivion
You think hairspray and water or fruit punch and rubbing alcohol make good mixed drinks.

So I will continue to have the happy drunk bear as part of my fursona. You will usually find me with a beer in my paw at any con. I'll try to limit the amount of hard liquor I drink because I find that it's too easy to go past the "tipping point" where a nice buzz turns into out and out drunkenness. Could that still happen at a room party? Of course. But once again going past that tipping point makes the experience less desirable because you start to lose memory of the good times you're having.

Discuss. Do you like to drink? What is your poison? If you don't drink, do you get self-righteous, do you not care, or do you chose not to be around people who drink?