April 1st, 2009


Tax Time Approaches

My oh my! I see so much negativity towards April 1 on my F.L. today. I can understand it. Most practical jokes are pretty lame. I guess we've all got our shields up today for the "I'm leaving the fandom" "I'm selling my fursuit" "I'm breaking up with my mate" posts. Sucks to be you if that ACTUALLY happens to you today. Better wait until tomorrow to post about it.

Since work has been extremely slow, I decided to get at least something done instead of just reading good ol' LJ. I had done a quick assessment of my tax situation a few weeks ago and saw that I owed Uncle Sam a bit of money. Well, no need to hurry getting that in the mail. I will send out the check on April 14. I think that whole "midnight of the 15th" is a load of bullshit anyway. Last year I threw it in the mail on the 16th and nobody said boo.

Anyway, I went to the IRS website where they have fillable .pdf files. I figure it would make my return look nice and neat. I entered everything in, printed it out, copied it to duplex, and voila'! A spiffy looking return. I suppose I could e-file, but I am turned off by the whole "download a 3rd party's software" thingy. That's not the case for New Mexico. There I was pleasantly surprised to find a relatively simple method for filing electronically. The form isn't pretty, but it's functional. Within 15 minutes I was done with the small amount I owed charged to a credit card for a small $1 fee. That's it! Done! And here I was going to get mad at them because their .pdf forms were not fillable. Who needs 'em?!? So there! A major task has been accomplished. Now....back to LJ!