April 6th, 2009


The Yard Project

One of my do-it-yourself projects for this year is to get a proper garden area. For the past 10 years I have been using this little plot which has a raised bed held back by old railroad ties. There was a scrawny pine tree in one of the beds which finally died last year. I dug out its root which opened up more space for potential planting. Since the raised beds were on 2 different levels, that also took up space. What I wanted was a nice clean and even planting area.

Phase 1 was the demolition of the old beds. First I trenched out the area in back of the railroad ties. With the help of xeltifon we then removed the old ties. Then it was off to Lowes to buy the new wall material. I had wanted some of the cinderblock material that looked like faux rock. We found a color we liked and did the calculation of how many blocks we would need. Let's see, the wall will be 25-30' long and 2' high. The blocks are 4"x12" so we would need 150 to 180 blocks. Each block cost $2.50. Damn it! That was $425-450 just for the damn blocks! *sigh* We bought 75 to get us started. I figured the hardest part will be to get the foundation layer put down. Everything after that should be a piece of cake.

We certainly got a work out! We loaded 75 blocks onto a cart. We then loaded them into the Furmobile. We then unloaded them into the back yard. Gah! That's a lot of lifting of cement blocks! The rear suspension of the Furmobile was NOT happy.

So the next step will be to raise one one of the sprinkler heads for the lawn so that it will now be in the garden bed. After that it will be to construct the new wall, and finally build up the soil so that it's not mainly sand. Then the planting can begin!

The final phase will be to construct a dog-proof barrier to keep Mesa out. Right now he loves to lay in the dirt there. The nice soft dirt is also so much fun to dig in. That will have to come to an end.