April 17th, 2009


The Search for a New Furmobile

Kitty and I will be heading over to the Convention Center after work for the ABQ Auto Show. She got us free passes at Sonic so if it sucks, we're not out any money. I bought the current Furmobile in late 1999. I have been telling myself that I would get a new vehicle after 10 years. It has over 140,000 miles on it and has served me well over time. I figure I should trade it in before something major goes wrong.

I have no brand loyalty, but I have been impressed with Ford's quality. Should I get another Explorer? *shrugs* I do like SUV's because I do like to go off road as well as haul stuff. Remember my post last week about hauling 75 cinder blocks? Yeah. I don't think I would be able to do that with a sedan. And then there's fursuiting. I frequently use the back of the Explorer to change into and out of my fursuits. While I would like to get something fuel efficient, my commute isn't all that bad. The costs for fuel aren't that important to me.

So we'll go to the auto show to see what's available. I could go for a Honda, Nissan, or Toyota as well as Ford. I might even look at mini-vans. *lol* Can you say "middle-aged?" tugrik has had some interesting posts about the Ford Transit Connect which is more of a delivery truck but can be used as a van. Based on his experiences with the dealers and how Ford hides it on their website, it seems like they're not all that interested in selling it to the general public. I might even look into some of the "crossover" vehicles like the Flex.

So right now I have a blank slate. I have no preferences one way or another. I'll see what the show has to offer. I probably won't buy until the '10's come out to get a deal on an '09. Hopefully I'll have a nice new shiny vehicle to drive to MFF this year.